Top 10 Landing Pages on FreshLearn in this month !!


We love when the course creators put all their creativity in not only building courses but wonderful sales landing pages as well. We have 100’s of landing pages that get created and modified every month and we stumbled upon a few which we found are standing out.

Top 10 Sales Landing Pages on FreshLearn This Month

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Landing Pages

Course Name: Learn how to FIND & BUY reliable second-hand CARS

Landing Page URL:

Author: Vinnie Riego

A Bit about Vinnie

Over the years, the passion for cars helped Vinnie build a strong overall knowledge about their functioning and market. Vinnie is on a mission now to share this knowledge so you can buy your second-hand car with confidence!

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Landing pages

Course Name: Movie Producing Made Simple: Make a Short Film in 30 Days

Landing Page URL:

Author: Leslie Lello

Leslie Lello is a New York native and an award-winning Producer/Director. She has been bi-coastal and working in various capacities in the film, media, and entertainment industry for over 15 years.

She started her career as an actress, but quickly found herself behind the camera as a Chandra Wilson’s (ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy) personal assistant.

Since then, Leslie has directed and produced & directed several movies, several of which have appeared at film festivals across the country.

Most recently, she has been freelancing as a photojournalist and videographer and produced and directed the documentary “New Jersey 350” which has screened at several festivals and won several awards.

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Will Brown Landing page

Course Name: Digital Marketing For Beginners

Sales Landing Page:

Creator: Will Brown 

About: Will is a WordPress Consultant, Developer and Business Coach living in Sydney, Australia. Wil has been running his own successful solopreneur business since 2005 in three different countries. Wil is also an avid public speaker who has spoken at hundreds of meetups and conferences.

Landing Page: 4

Best LAning Pages

Course Name: Email Marketing Masterclass 

Sales Landing Page:

Creator: Annmarie Gustafson

About :  

Annmarie Gustafson is a Web Designer and Certified MailerLite Expert. She works with creative entrepreneurs who have big dreams but need a little help turning them into reality. She takes an innovative and collaborative approach when working with her fellow small business owners on their marketing strategies and websites because she believes their success is her success too. She enjoys educating entrepreneurs on the available tools to help start their businesses with a strong foundation and give them the confidence they need to grow.

She loves to teach technology, drink coffee, and test new software that helps make our businesses more organized and run more smoothly. Connect with her on your favourite social media platform.

Landing Page: 5

Top Landing PAge

Course Name: Introduction to Essential Oils Mini-Course Bundle

Sales Landing Page:

Creator: Julie Polanco, MH

About: Julie is Owner and CEO, Julie Naturally LLC. She is Master Herbalist, aromatherapist, author, podcaster, blogger, speaker, and 19-year homeschooling mom. Weekly podcast: Crunchy Christian Podcast. Books: God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn; 100 Ways to Motivate Kids.

Landing Page: 6

landing page

Course Name: Book Launches Simplified

Landing Page:

Creator: Tara Alemany 

Tara Alemany is a multi-award-winning author of seven books. She is also a speaker and publisher, as well as a serial entrepreneur.

Emerald Lake Books is the boutique publishing company she owns with her best friend, Mark Gerber. Together, they specialize in working with positive people to publish their books with a purpose.

Tara leads a writers’ critique group in her spare time and is a winemaker, a military Mom to 2 young adults (one of each), and is owned by a black cat.

Landing Page: 7

Top Landing Pages in FreshLMS

Course Name: Online training: Sterker mét Stress (It’s in Dutch. Its means stronger with stress) 

Sales Landing Page:

Creator : Kees Wallis , Esmee de Jonge

About Kees & Ermee 

As a SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST VSPN®, Kees guide everyone who wants to learn to perform optimally under pressure. I provide mental training and performance coaching for individuals and teams.

Ermee is an Experienced Research Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. Skilled in Research, English, Microsoft Excel, and especially patiënt contact. Strong education professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Clinical Psychology from VU University Amsterdam.

Landing Page 8 

Landing Pages of Course Creators

Course Name: Estudiar en Estados Unidos (It’s in Spanish. It means Study in the United States )

Sales Landing Page:

Creator : Andres Vernazza

About Andres: A strong believer that If you can dream it, you can do it.

I share everything I have learned in my experience in the United States, travelling the world, starting from scratch, reinventing myself over and over again … so that you too can achieve your most important dreams and goals in life.

Landing Page: 9

Onlone course landing pages

Course Name: The Coach Approach Workshop

Sales Landing Page:

Creator : Jacqui Snider

About Jacqui: Jacqui is an Occupational Therapist and Business Coach Certified by IFC PCC. Jacqui is passionate about helping individuals and organizations to develop personal and professional best practices through coaching strategies. Her know-how helps them change a situation from “challenging” to “trusting” in the relationship with families, providing more results for their intervention.

Landing Page 10

Course Creators Landing Pages

Course Name: Emotional Awareness & Learning of the Senses 

Sales Landing Page:

Creator : Sabrina Sahel, Kebreab Yimesgen, Selam Kidane Dr Zeraburuk Gebremariam, Salem Welday, Adhanet Zerabruk

About Creators: They are a group of psychologists and clinical experts spread across the United States and Africa. They are helping the Ethiopians with Emotional Awareness in the local language – Amharic. 

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