Top 5 Teachable Alternatives You Should Switch To In 2021


In this blog, we will be explaining Teachable Alternatives. A great platform to build your online school makes sure that the complete course creation process is done in a few clicks. All you should be concerned with is setting up your courses as quickly as possible and start teaching online.

You shouldn’t have to go through the painstaking process of setting up your own digital storefront with a sales page, checkout page, coupons the whole nine yards.

Teachable is indeed one of the oldest platforms with many course creators on it. However, we believe the Teachable alternatives available to online course creators now offer a much better experience than Teachable in terms of the features, support, and of course pricing as well. 

Where Teachable Falls Short

There are a few things that could use some work with this platform. Let’s look into them:

  • Lack of white labelling: This prevents online teachers from making their websites their own. If you’re trying to build your brand through your website, white labelling is of utmost importance.
  • Unresponsive support: If you’ve ever tried seeking support from Teachable, you know the experience can be cumbersome. There’s no call support, and users paying $39 a month don’t even have access to live chat support.
  • Tech issues: Teachable’s other flaws, as you may have noticed, include slow loading times, a confusing UX, and the absence of any migration services to assist you in getting started.

Through this blog, we’ll tell you about the best Teachable alternatives you can shift to right away, without ever second-guessing your decision.

Top 5 Teachable Alternatives

1) FreshLMS

Teachable Alternatives

When compared to Teachable, the biggest benefit our number one online school for online teaching will offer you is the capability to completely white-label your business. The power to truly make your brand your own will help you make a name for yourself, all while creating your first online course in as little as 60 minutes.

You’ll never need to worry about the experience of your consumers, FreshLMS makes sure the entire process is quick and attractive, filled with gamification. All of this is made possible without any coding, so you can feel like a developer from day one. So no doubt FreshLMS is one of the best Teachable Alternative


  • The course creation journey is as simple as a few clicks. Setup courses, pricing, drip, and much more without any learning curve.
  • Customize landing page even with the free plan
  • Easy integration of third-party marketing tools like Mailchimp, Zapier
  • Embed content from Drive, Amazon S3, Youtube, Wistia
  • Complete white labelling and custom branding capabilities
  • Worldwide languages available
  • Built-in tools for creating coupon codes
  • Zero commissions
  • Auto-scaling to make sure your website is never slow
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Drag-and-drop course building
  • Conduct virtual classrooms
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Make your branding shine through without any coding required
  • Quickly enable memberships without using a third-party app


Price: Unlike Teachable, FreshLMS gives you a lifetime free plan with great features like integrating your own payment gateways, custom branding, and landing page customization. Their monthly pricing is as follows:

  • Free: $0
  • Starter: $39
  • No Brainer: $79

Support: Another field where FreshLMS comes out on top is their support. With Teachable, you’d have to shell out $119 monthly to receive live chat support. FreshLMS provides 24/6 call and chats support to anyone using the platform, even the free plan members.

New features addition: As you’ll find out in the update emails you receive if you start using FreshLMS, they roll out constant new features to make sure your business never goes stale. They recently optimized the integration of high-res photos without slowing down your website one bit.

Migration support: Teachable won’t provide migration services despite whatever plan you’re using. At FreshLMS, any yearly subscriber can avail of their concierge service, so you can start with your online class as soon as possible.

Tech elements: Free plan users also have access to connect with their own payment gateways. You’ll also receive SSL certification at no extra cost, which is something Teachable requires you to pay for. Integrated payment portals like Paypal and Stripe make receiving payments much easier.

Ease of use: As we mentioned, you can create your first course in as little as 60 minutes. Your students will also make use of an uninterrupted experience, so they can focus on learning.

2) Thinkific

Alternatives to Teachable

For Thinkific, simplicity is the name of the game. Their extreme ease of use while providing a powerful user experience is their biggest pro. However, too much simplicity in their UI could also be seen as a con, since the gamification can sometimes seem lacking.


  • Drag-and-drop course building
  • Ability to set up drip content and coupons for courses. 
  • student progress tracking reports
  • No transaction fees 
  • Custom domains and white labelling capabilities
  • Pre-existing website themes to speed up UI design


Ease of use: The drag and drop course builder helps you to create an online course trouble-free. Customizing your text and images becomes easier with their “block” customization system.

Tech elements: Thinkific uses Amazon Web Services to host its servers, so you don’t have to worry about them ever being down. Thinkific also gives your SSL certification promptly, without third-party interference.


Price: Thinkific falls short with its pricing. Since the free version isn’t all too attractive. It is more expensive than Teachable and does not offer refunds. The monthly charges look like this:

  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $49
  • Pro: $99
  • Growth: $99 (plus 0.10 USD per active student)
  • Premier: $499
  • Plus: Contact for pricing

Support: No chat support means users might have to spend a long amount of time on hold while trying to connect with help.

New features addition: When compared with FreshLMS’s constant updates, Thinkific’s update blog will seem lacklustre. Their last notable update came with the Thinkific app store (May 2021), released almost a year after the last update (July 2020).

Migration support: Migration services are only provided to “plus” plan users.

3) LearnDash

Teachable Alternatives

 LearnDash differs from the other online course creator platforms on this list in that it is a WordPress plugin. A WordPress plugin is a small piece of code that sits on top of your WordPress platform. If you already have a WordPress website, implementing LearnDash into your website will be easy.


  • Easy to integrate to an existing WordPress website
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Drag-and-drop course building
  • Receive notifications for actions learners take during a course
  • Supports media like SWF files, HTML5, SCORM, xAPI
  • Course-specific discussion forums


Price:  Perhaps the most alluring aspect of LearnDash is its prices. The yearly prices are as follows: 

  • Basic: $159
  • Plus: $189
  • Pro: $329

However, keep in mind that you’ll eventually end up spending more than this if you’re serious about wanting to teach online. You’ll have to pay extra for premium add-ons to inculcate SSL, hosting capabilities, and advanced security to your website.

Ease of use: If you’re already familiar with your WordPress website, using LearnDash will be a piece of cake. The course building interface will seem familiar so you’ll be up and running in no time.


Support: LearnDash provides call and email support to every member using any of their plans, but the support has widely been complained about. Lack of live chat support makes getting immediate help a hassle.

Tech elements: Backups, hosting, security, gateways, etc. are to be done by yourself. you’ll have to rely on add-ons that are often not free and unreliable.

New features addition: They don’t release updates as regularly and you’ll need to know HTML/CSS if you want to dazzle up your online class experience.

Migration service: LearnDash does not provide any migration services.

4) LearnWorlds

Teachable Alternatives

If you’re looking to teach online, there’s a lot of reasons why LearnWorlds is a great place to go. Not only is building your course extremely easy, but they also have multiple integrated marketing features you can use. They create a unique environment like social media so that learning becomes a social activity. Users can make their private profiles and join private groups for discussions. Their white-labelling and custom mobile apps also set them apart.


  • Users can create private profiles
  • A social media type layout to increase engagement and discussions
  • Built-in tools to make interactive videos with images, titles, pointers, links
  • Attendance tracking and browse list of users
  • Capability to remove LearnWorlds brand from your website


Price: There’s no lifetime free plan, but their other plans are reasonably priced. You can even avail a full-featured free trial. Monthly charges are as follows:

    • Starter: $29
    • Pro trainer: $99
    • Learning Center: $299
    • High volume and corporate: Contact for pricing

New features addition: New features like new email marketing solutions, bulk user actions, and new payment integrations are added frequently.

Migration service: They provide migration services, which can be very beneficial while trying to set up your online school.

Tech elements: LearnWorlds is filled with impressive tech elements. Your SSL certification is taken care of immediately, they have an impressive roster of payment gateways and servers never go down.


User experience: Marketing features integration, custom apps, a social-media type layout, among other many tech features can sometimes get confusing. While course-building in itself is fairly simple, other aspects may require you to learn them.

Support: “Starter” plan users don’t receive any call or chat support. Anyone not using their most expensive plan has to rely on just email support.

5) Kajabi

Teachable Alternatives

Kajabi calls itself the “complete online business platform”. That translates to them taking care of every need your business may have, but at a higher price than most other platforms to build your online school. They provide great marketing features like email marketing built into the platform.


  • SEO optimization for your website
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Coupons and promotion building tools
  • Email marketing automation and marketing pipelines 
  • Abandoned cart recovery informs customers of items they left in their carts
  • Auto-scaling


Ease of use: Built-in features like advanced marketing automation and membership features are surprisingly easy to use. Without any technical knowledge under your belt, you’ll be able to make use of everything they have to offer.

Tech elements: Kajabi takes care of your SSL certifications and their servers never experience any troubles. The ability to customize everything you see with ease makes this platform one of the best.


Price: The reason why we’re all praises about this platform but it still falls as our last pick is due to its price. Monthly prices are as follows: 

  • Basic: $149
  • Growth: $199
  • Pro: $399

Migration service: Migration services are not provided by Kajabi.

Support: To receive 24/7 chat support, you’ll have to purchase the “growth” plan since users only get email support from the “basic” plan.

New feature addition: Kajabi releases new features and updates once every two months, but due to their large amount of in-built features that require constant upkeep, 2 months can be too long a wait to fix something.


No longer do you only have to rely on Teachable for your online course platform. All the Teachable alternatives we mentioned are great, but the best one is clearly FreshLMS.

Getting started on FreshLMS is hassle-free with their concierge services and a free lifetime plan. If you’re looking to take your online academy to the next level, FreshLMS will do wonders for you as a top-notch online course creator to teach online.

Fresh LMS lets you transform your knowledge into an online school. Start creating your online courses and launch your online academy in less than 60 mins.


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