Top 2 Landing Pages on FreshLMS in this month !!


We love when the course creators put all their creativity in not only building courses but wonderful sales landing pages as well. We have 100’s of landing pages that get created and modified every month and we stumbled upon a few which we found are standing out.

Top 2 Sales Landing Pages on FreshLMS This Month

Landing Pages

Course Name: Learn how to FIND & BUY reliable second-hand CARS

Landing Page URL:

Author: Vinnie Riego

A Bit about Vinnie

Over the years, the passion for cars helped Vinnie build a strong overall knowledge about their functioning and market. Vinnie is on a mission now to share this knowledge so you can buy your second-hand car with confidence!

Landing pages

Course Name: Movie Producing Made Simple: Make a Short Film in 30 Days

Landing Page URL:

Author: Leslie Lello

Leslie Lello is a New York native and an award-winning Producer/Director. She has been bi-coastal and working in various capacities in the film, media, and entertainment industry for over 15 years.

She started her career as an actress, but quickly found herself behind the camera as a Chandra Wilson’s (ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy) personal assistant.

Since then, Leslie has directed and produced & directed several movies, several of which have appeared at film festivals across the country.

Most recently, she has been freelancing as a photojournalist and videographer and produced and directed the documentary “New Jersey 350” which has screened at several festivals and won several awards.

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