How does luck or destiny play a role in your life?


I am sure we all ask this question to ourselves every now and then. 

What role does luck or destiny play in our life?

Is it all hard work, is it all destiny, what is it 

In my humble opinion, 

Destiny is situations that come to you which are beyond your control. 

For example, You dint choose your parents, Did you ever choose your looks. 

So situations are destiny. You didn’t choose them, they come to you,

for example, someone insults me, I didn’t choose it came to me. 


My response to the situation is my choice. 

The response is not destiny. What is choose is my choice. When I choose it, that decides my future destiny. 

This is why we say Man is the maker of His Future Destiny

Situations will remain what they are. But how you respond to those situations is completely and entirely your choice. 

Now for example, 

you are in lockdown and also have a job that sucks or something else is not working.. but no issues… It’s not that you can’t do anything else. That situation is destined but now you have a choice to work hard and cultivate an alternative path for yours. The alternative path is not your destiny. It’s your choice. 

The simple alternative path here to the above problem is to start your online course to teach your 9 to 5 job or teach something you are always passionate about and tag a price and let the world learn from it. 

The victory may not come right away but you have certainly sown a seed that will fructify. You have started the journey of making your own destiny. 

Time to take control of the choices you make today and build your future destiny 

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