Top 5 Kajabi Alternatives You Should Switch To In 2021


In this article, you will know the Kajabi Alternatives. Ideally, you’d want your platform to build an online school to be able to do everything. You’d want integrated marketing solutions, along with accessible course building and excellent customer relations. Security measures, fast loading times, ease of use, and constant innovation; the list goes on.

And, no doubt, you’d want all of this at a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket every month. While there’s little Kajabi does wrong, the price can be enough to persuade online course creators to look elsewhere.

Let’s take a look at other reasons why online teachers are now looking to stray away from Kajabi:

Why You Need An Kajabi Alternative

  • Price: One of the most obvious cons of Kajabi is its price. At $149 a month, their “basic” plan membership is perhaps the most expensive out there. 
  • Support: Even for $399 a month, you won’t get any phone support. The basic plan members don’t have access to 24/7 chat support, so they’ll have to wait for business hours to roll around.
  • New feature addition: They introduce new features and bug fixes once every 2 months. For the price you pay, you’d expect new features to come out every week, not once every 8 weeks.

If Kajabi Pricing is very high and shortcomings have got you spending more than you’re earning, you could use a change. We’ve listed out the top 5 Kajabi alternatives, so your online teaching journey never encounters another speedbump. 

Top 5 Kajabi Alternatives

1) FreshLMS

Kajabi Alternatives

If you’re looking for that ideal platform to build your online school that does everything you need without burning a hole in your pocket, our number 1 pick will do just the trick. As a no-code online academy that constantly rolls out new features for you to use, the user experience for both teachers and students feels effortless. With unlimited storage, 24/6 support, a lifetime free plan, and many other attractive features, FreshLMS unquestionably deserves the top spot. The list of their many features will convince you to use this platform to teach online


  • Start your course creation journey with just a few clicks. 
  • Ability to make a custom domain for each course
  • Embed videos from Swarmify, Vooplayer, Wistia, Pccloud, Amazon S3
  • Choose from any language in the world for your content
  • Zero commission fees
  • Customizable UX design with zero coding
  • Inbuilt memberships enabling
  • Easy coupon creation 
  • Achieve drip content, setting up courses, integrating payment gateways without any learning curve. 
  • Design every page of your website so you can give your brand the center stage
  • Sell your courses in bundles.


  • Price: Even after all the great features, FreshLMS’s most expensive plan is cheaper than Kajabi’s starter plan. Do we really need to say more? The monthly charges are as follows:
    • Free: $0
    • Starter: $39
    • No Brainer: $79
  • Support: 24/6 Call and chat support is given to all users, even free plan members. Kajabi provides live chat only to users who pay upwards of $199 a month.
  • New features addition: Unlike Kajabi’s 8-week cycle, FreshLMS works on updates and bug fixes whenever required, ensuring constant communication between the platform and the consumers.
  • Migration support: Even at $399 a month, Kajabi doesn’t provide any migration support. However, yearly subscribers of any plan can avail themselves of concierge services at FreshLMS.
  • Tech elements: Without having to write a line of code, you’ll be able to connect your own payment gateways. FreshLMS will have your SSL certification taken care of.
  • Ease of use: Changing your website’s user interface has never been more effortless. Customize landing pages and checkout pages, and experience the absolute easiest way to create an online course.

2) Kartra

Kajabi Alternatives

This platform focuses on helping you sell your online courses with advanced automated marketing features. Claiming to make your online business easy, anyone using Kartra will see an increase in leads and conversions. 


  • Marketing features like affiliate marketing/automated email marketing
  • Easily edit and customize videos 
  • An inbuilt checkout page with an integrated credit card and Paypal payments
  • Marketplace helps you discover resources made by other Kartra users
  • Comprehensive analytics for everything, available on your dashboard
  • Page builder lets you design every page of your website


  • Ease of use: Advanced marketing features are easy to use with Kartra, and creating courses isn’t a hassle either.
  • Tech elements: Your SSL certification will be taken care of automatically. Cloud-based backups make sure your content will never be lost, and payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, and Braintree are already integrated.
  • Migration service: Kartra offers migration services for an extra fee


  • Price: Even though the starter plan is cheaper than Kajabi, Kartra is still expensive when compared to other alternatives, especially FreshLMS. Monthly charges are:
    • Starter: $99
    • Silver: $199
    • Gold: $299
    • Platinum: $499 
  • New feature addition: Kartra’s last product update on their blog is from the beginning of 2020. So it’s fair to say updates don’t come around frequently. 
  • Support: Phone and chat support isn’t available 24/6, and you’ll be able to connect with one “helpdesk” if you’re using the starter plan.

3) LearnDash

Kajabi Alternative

Kajabi’s biggest con is arguably it’s pricing, and LearnDash’s biggest pro is how cheap their annual plans are. As a WordPress plugin, a library of add-ons available to WordPress will make sure you’re never running out of features for your LearnDash online school. Your WordPress website could instantly turn into a functional online academy with the help of this plugin. Although, the features would never match that of an actual LMS.


  • Ability to sell courses in bundles
  • Access to a library of plugins with WordPress
  • Virtual classroom experience with students 
  • SEO optimize your website 
  • Supports media like SWF files, HTML5, SCORM, xAPI


  • Price: LearnDash’s yearly prices seem like Kajabi’s monthly prices. Annual prices are as follows:
    • Basic: $159
    • Plus: $189
    • Pro: $329

You may eventually spend more than this amount since you would have to pay for necessities like adding SSL certification and security to your website.

  • Ease of use: You will essentially be adding a plugin to your WordPress website, so you’ll pretty much be familiar with the interface. You’ll be able to get started with your online class easily with the help of the drag-and-drop course builder.


  • Support: Whether you’re using the “pro” membership plan or the “basic” one, you’ll receive the same support. This can result in delayed response times, especially since there’s no live chat support.
  • Tech elements: If you want to include some more interactive UI into your website, you’ll need to know HTML/CSS. SSL certifications are provided through third-party applications or WP add-ons. 
  • New features addition: LearnDash itself isn’t very active at releasing new features, so they rely on the add-ons to help users meet their requirements. The problem is, the premium add-ons require you to pay for them separately. 
  • Migration service: LearnDash does not provide any migration services.

4) Ruzuku

Best Kajabi Alternatives

Ruzuku is an online courses platform that claims they make it “ridiculously easy to teach online.” We won’t debate whether that vague claim holds true or not, but if you’re an absolute beginner in the world of teaching online, you could give Ruzuku’s free trial a spin. However, it doesn’t offer the same customizable capabilities as most other platforms do. 


  • Students can post images, videos, and PDFs in their responses.
  • Daily backups of your content make sure you don’t lose anything
  • Track student activities with the “course health feature”
  • Drip content
  • Allows you to host webinars or teleconferences
  • Separate discussion forums for specific content/activities


  • Ease of use: You’ll find the simplest possible way of making your course and engaging with your students on this platform. Granted, customization won’t be as spectacular as other platforms, but even for newer online teachers, putting up online courses will be as easy as pie.
  • Tech elements: SSL certification will be provided to you by the platform. Paypal and Stripe are integrated to help you receive your payments.


  • Price: It seems that making online course creation “ridiculously easy” comes at a higher price than most other platforms. The monthly costs are: 
    • Bootstrapper: $99
    • Up-and-comer: $149
    • University: $199
  • Support: Ruzuku doesn’t provide live chat or readily available on-call support. Your best bet would be to rely on email support or request a call from Ruzuku whenever they’re available. 
  • New features addition: Ruzuku will send your students weekly/daily emails to keep them engaged, but you won’t receive emails about updates to the platform.
  • Migration services: Migration services are not provided by this platform.

5) Skillshare

Top Kajabi Alternatives

Since Skillshare is an online learning platform, online teachers can benefit from the existing audience of students. Students can avail courses from multiple teachers on the platform, including yours. You won’t have your own website, and you’ll be uploading your courses to Skillshare itself.


  • Easy to create and upload videos
  • No need to worry about website safety/SSL certifications
  • Integration with MailChimp, BigCartel, Shapeways
  • Get paid per minute watched
  • Referrals and their algorithm will bring students towards your courses


  • Pricing: You won’t be charged for uploading your courses on Skillshare. However, they will take a cut from your sales. 
  • Ease of use: Since you’re on Skillshare’s website, all you have to do is upload your courses to start out with your online class. 


  • Migration service: You won’t be able to migrate your courses from any other platform.
  • New features addition: This learning platform focuses mainly on adding new lessons for its many users, so new features for teachers aren’t frequently released.
  • Support: Skillshare provides call support, but you’ll have to request it via email first.


Undoubtedly, Kajabi helps you do a lot. But in their pursuit of giving you the “whole package,” they also end up billing you quite a bit. Enough to make you reconsider your alliances.

FreshLMS does everything as efficiently, or perhaps better than Kajabi does at literally almost a quarter of the price. Since they’re also one of the few platforms that provide migration services, you have one more reason to jump ship and start your smooth sailing journey with FreshLMS. So FreshLMS is one of the best Kajabi Alternative

Fresh LMS lets you transform your knowledge into an online school. Start creating your online courses and launch your online academy in less than 60 mins.


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