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The easiest way to boost sales and exposure for your digital course


Wouldn’t it be awesome to launch your course in front of an audience of over one million? Well, for all you creators on the FreshLMS platform, it doesn’t just have to be a dream. How can you make it a reality? Meet AppSumo.  AppSumo is an incredible resource for entrepreneurs that offers tools in the form of digitally delivered goods and services—think e-books, courses, software and more. It has...

New Way to Increase Your Course Enrolments


As a business owner, we all are always searching for a sales channel which needs no upfront investment and can create a viral effect in increasing our sales.  We all know that customers’ word of mouth is one of the strongest sales channels but then it is a very slow process.  What if we can make all our customers not only as brand ambassadors but also make them as a sales team.  Welcome to the...

Sell Only Your Knowledge Not Your Time


The term ‘content creator’ probably meant nothing in the early 2000s. With the creation of the YouTube universe followed by scores of other platforms, content creation went from a trend to a hobby to a full-time profession. As per a 2018 study, 70% of YouTube viewers believe that content creators drive modern culture. Content creator revenues have been rising each year. Reasonably, benchmarks for...

How to Market Online Course and Boost Sales


What’s the difference between Master Shifu and Mark Manson? Master Shifu didn’t have to market his lessons.  In the real world, Mark Manson had to build a following on his blog over several years before he could publish a global bestseller, charge for access to his website, and create a successful paid online course. But as an online teacher in 2020, your marketing path isn’t as difficult as his...

Is Online Quizzes there in Your Marketing Strategy for Selling Your Course


The quiz is the most underrated marketing strategy in the current armory you have for marketing and selling your courses. A Quiz has the potential to go viral and drive your point through a series of questions that not only intrigues the quiz taker but also instigates him to share it with his friends and teams on social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn. Three Important Steps For Creating...