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How does luck or destiny play a role in your life?


I am sure we all ask this question to ourselves every now and then.  What role does luck or destiny play in our life? Is it all hard work, is it all destiny, what is it  In my humble opinion,  Destiny is situations that come to you which are beyond your control.  For example, You dint choose your parents, Did you ever choose your looks.  So situations are destiny. You didn’t choose them, they...

I have more than a decade of experience. How do I hit my next big job


You have worked really hard to reach the position you are in today. You are in a senior role with more than 10 or 15 years of experience. From here on, you don’t win jobs based on your interviews. It is purely based on how your potential employers find you.  Building a Brand for yourself is vital to go to the next level in your career.  Below are some practical, attainable, and very cost...