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Top 10 Landing Pages on FreshLMS in this month !!


We love when the course creators put all their creativity in not only building courses but wonderful sales landing pages as well. We have 100’s of landing pages that get created and modified every month and we stumbled upon a few which we found are standing out. Top 10 Sales Landing Pages on FreshLMS This Month Landing Page:1 Course Name: Learn how to FIND & BUY reliable second-hand CARS...

Everything You Need to Know About Creating an Online Course


Congratulations! Being here means you have cleared the first step, which is being sure of wanting to teach online. Great efforts are always preceded by a strong will. Now, wear your teaching hat and get ready to kick off the exciting journey of creating an online course. Before we go further on this path, let us indulge you in some trivia. Did you know that the global online teaching market is...

Best Practices to Follow While Creating Online Courses


Education is the new currency. It is not restricted to the four walls of a classroom anymore. Today, anyone from the remote part of the globe with basic internet connectivity can get educated thanks to online learning! The demand for online courses will take the industry to the $350 billion mark by 2025.  It has simplified the way people learn new subjects. But most importantly, it has enabled...